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Serendipitous isn’t a word you hear a lot of entrepreneurs use when describing how their business sprang to life. Especially when it involves renovating a 100+ year old building that used to refrigerate meat. Yet when speaking with new business owner Erica O’Brien of The Rose Estb., serendipitous describes the growth of these unique surroundings…Read More »

When I moved to Library Square almost three years ago I instantly formed a strong bond with a long-time neighborhood restaraunt, Cannella’s. I do not cook or grocery shop much, so it become an all to feasible option to run next door for a salad or a sandwich or once even just a cup of…Read More »

As the first new brewery to arrive in Utah since 2006, Epic Brewing Company will offer a refreshing approach to boosting business traffic along Salt Lake’s State Street. David Cole and Peter Erikson, founders and co-owners of the brewery and brewer Kevin Crompton purchased the former Pho Anh Dao building at 825 South State Street…Read More »

If you’ve got a remodeling project in the works you’ll want to get familiar with Gearoge’s. It’s the best place in SLC to discover bits and recycled building materials, and to donate materials you’ve removed during your renovation. George’s is an architectural salvage yard located at 470 E 900 S right behind Beans & Brews….Read More »

Ulysses and I

If you need a cheap haircut, I suggest going to Supercuts. Not only will you receive a haircut under $15 dollars and 14 minutes, but if you wear a hat, most people won’t even notice that you just had your hair cut by a lawnmower. If you want a haircutting experience, then I suggest going…Read More »

It seems only locals know of the hidden treasure known as “15th & 15th”. This one-block street of shops features restaurants, the King’s English Book Store, Starbucks Coffee, and more. But now it seems that the popular street is gaining one of the biggest draws yet, the newest Tony Caputo’s Market & Deli. The popular…Read More »