Brewery Hopes to Energize State Street

As the first new brewery to arrive in Utah since 2006, Epic Brewing Company will offer a refreshing approach to boosting business traffic along Salt Lake’s State Street. David Cole and Peter Erikson, founders and co-owners of the brewery and brewer Kevin Crompton purchased the former Pho Anh Dao building at 825 South State Street which sat empty for four years.

The building required extensive remodelling to accommodate the specific space needs of the brewery. The biggest requirement was to elevate the ceilings due to the height of the brewing equipment. They ended up dismantling most of the building and remodelling the entire inside except for a storage area and a walk-in refrigerator. They also have future plans to build onto the back of the building to construct a more convenient delivery area.

After several months of remodelling the building, securing their operating license, and brewing product, they are set to open their doors on May 17. The brewery provides products for many of the local licensed establishments as well as walk-in customers.

Since they purchased the building, the owners intend to become an anchor business in that area which will experience some changes over the coming months. The brewery neighbors a car dealership which was recently put up for sale possibly creating a venue for another retail store or food service establishment. Some retail stores in the area have closed due to economic struggles. Despite the economic challenges, Epic Brewery Co. owners anticipate that their presence will trigger an influx of business along the State Street corridor between 600 South and 900 South.

The owners are certain that the foot traffic will increase. They figure that 50% of their sales will come from walk-in customers. Many of the Beer Geeks (a group of beer enthusiasts who travel from distant cities or states looking for “the next great beer experience”) have already expressed an interest in visiting the brewery. Between the foot traffic and supplying to liquor license owners, the Epic Brewing Company staff expects to become busy over the coming months.

By Salt Lake Digs Contributor, David Jensen


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