Library Square Block: Cannella’s

When I moved to Library Square almost three years ago I instantly formed a strong bond with a long-time neighborhood restaraunt, Cannella’s. I do not cook or grocery shop much, so it become an all to feasible option to run next door for a salad or a sandwich or once even just a cup of club soda when I had company. Their chopped salad is one of my favorites and I averaged about 2-3 of these per month when I first moved in. However, it was much too large for one person and it took little more than a suggestion for them to start making a half size, cheaper portion. Cannella’s has long been rated among Salt Lake’s best Italian restaraunts and they definitely don’t disappoint in that arena. However, they quickly become more than just a restaraunt to most residents of the Library Square block. On several occassions I’ve found myself immersed in conversations at the restaurant with neighbors, Cannella’s staff, or its owners.

Cannella’s is a long-time family owned business and they treat anyone who walks through the door the exact way you would expect family to treat you. They have expanded their once narrow dining room into the old Junior’s Tavern space and included a full bar and additional seating. They have expanded their menu to include several cheaper wonderful appetizers as well and it has become a great place to meet up with friends and neighbors. They have nightly drink specials which, paired with the appetizer specials, make it a wonderful and affordable place to visit. Be sure not to miss their Mojito — its one of the best I’ve had!

By Salt Lake Digs Contributor Emily Crane

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