Newest Caputo’s Market In Local Hotspot

It seems only locals know of the hidden treasure known as “15th & 15th”. This one-block street of shops features restaurants, the King’s English Book Store, Starbucks Coffee, and more. But now it seems that the popular street is gaining one of the biggest draws yet, the newest Tony Caputo’s Market & Deli.

The popular market on 314 W and 300 S is announcing their new location on 15th & 15th, next to the Einstein’s Bagelry and across the street from Mazza restaurant, and both businesses and shoppers are very excited. Tim Wildmon is a local resident who walks down from his house on 17th east almost daily for a cup of coffee at Starbucks. “I’m really excited about this, I love Caputo’s and it’ll be great if I don’t have to drive all the way downtown anymore to go.”

Matt Caputo, son of Tony, says the new location is going to focus heavily on cheese, chocolate, charcuterie, extra virgin olive oil, vinegars, and honey with a little of this and that from their other categories. He also says they’ll have a small sandwich menu with the intent of getting a wine and beer license down the line.

The 15th & 15th area is unique; it’s hidden away off the beaten path and few people other than local residents find it. Clark Nibley is 74 and lives at the base of Emigration Canyon. He’s been going to the area for 7 years and says he hates going anywhere else. “Everything just seems so corporate these days, it’s nice coming to a quiet area where you can get some good food and just sit and relax for a while,” he says. “I’d go to Tony’s if they came, they’ve got some really nice stuff.”

King’s English Book Store is one of the oldest establishments on the block, celebrating their 34th year this September. Things have changed quite a bit since they opened, according to the General Manager, Anne Holman. “There have been a lot of stores come and go, but the group we’ve got now is great. We’re like a family, all the business owners know each other and they’re great neighbors.” Matt Caputo visited the bookstore when looking at the property and asked them advice on what to expect. “I just told them it’s a very clean and safe place to do business. Everyone knows everyone, and most of us know 70% of our customers by name. People stop in on their way to and from work, school, daycare or any other time and will just plop down in your store to spend some time. It’s a really great way to do business.”

Although major corporations have done their damage, the 15th & 15th area boasts an incredibly loyal clientele. And with the addition of Tony Caputo’s Market & Deli, this local hotspot is sure to continue doing well with Utahns through the next decade.

By Salt Lake Digs Contributor, Eric Ethington

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