A Loft to Call Home

Twelve years ago, Luann and her family moved from Utah County to a loft in Salt Lake City. Since then, the loft has served as a peaceful, urban home for the family.  It’s one of the largest, most charming loft spaces in the city, and now it’s available for sale…at a very good price. Here is Luann’s story:

The opportunity to take a different road presented itself to me in the spring of 2000. I loved visiting downtown and the idea of living in a place I loved became a reality when the condo right next door to my rental unit, #405 in the Warehouse Lofts, was listed for sale. The condo, #404, had two bedrooms and two baths and a total of 1260 square feet. The idea of combining the two units would give me three bedrooms, three baths, 2020 square feet and two parking spaces. It would also give my two youngest children the chance to grow up in a more culturally diverse environment than the one they were living in Orem, Utah. I never expected the path that unfolded before all of us to be so enriching and delightful. My daughter, Kelli, was 14 and my son, Erik, was 11. My dear dog Katie was 9. Kelli and Erik have since graduated from West High School. Kelli graduated from the University of Utah and now lives in San Francisco and Erik has spent the last two years in Beijing, China becoming fluent in Mandarin. Sadly, Katie has gone to the beautiful dog farm up in heaven where she still waits for those yummy pieces of white bread!

Many years later, I have found myself once again in the suburbs, Cottonwood Heights, all for love. The Warehouse Loft was a very healing space for me and had it not been for the love of a wonderful husband, I would not have left. It’s a great space to call home, as it has closets, a real pantry in the kitchen and real bedrooms with doors that you can shut for privacy. It is the perfect combination of a loft in the city and the space and livability of a home.

2020 sf, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 2 secure parking spaces. $349,900.
To view this property, call Kelly Favero 801-201-3069


Listing courtesy of Luann Lakis, Urban Utah Homes & Estates


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