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City Creek is on the Rise

It may not be visible from outer space, but the City Creek Center is becoming more visible to Salt Lake City residents. The overall plan for the project is to create a mixed-use development consisting of residences, offices, an open-air shopping district, and significant green space spanning over 20 acres across three city blocks. The…Read More »

More than a million lights glitter throughout Salt Lake City this season, and far-below-average temperatures challenge grids, tempting Rocky Mountain Power to ask consumers to not turn holiday lights on, and then settling for no lights before 7:00 PM. A shimmering effect on visitors is produced downtown this year with the introduction of LED Lights…Read More »

Utah Performance Center

The Utah Performance Center on Main, located at 135 South Main, is part of Downtown Rising, an ambitious development vision that began in 2007 and will transform and invigorate the downtown area. It represents a $1.5 billion investment. If you want to see what the entire scope of Downtown Rising is like, go It…Read More »

We’ve all seen the giant hole in the ground on South Temple, slowly filling with steel girders, scaffolding, and a lot of noise. We’ve also heard the plans for Salt Lake’s new focal point—the “Live, Work, Play” development known as City Creek. Plenty of questions remain on this enormous development. But among all of these…Read More »