City Creek is on the Rise

It may not be visible from outer space, but the City Creek Center is becoming more visible to Salt Lake City residents. The overall plan for the project is to create a mixed-use development consisting of residences, offices, an open-air shopping district, and significant green space spanning over 20 acres across three city blocks.

The timing is right for this kind of project when energy and the environment are current global concerns. The City Creek Center is one of 60 LEED ND (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Neighborhood Development) pilot projects in the nation that will be included in a LEED ND certification process developed by the U.S. Green Council.

The demolition process began in 2006 and now many parts of the City Creek Center, which is being developed in piece-meal fashion, are nearing completion and some establishments have already opened for business.

Open for business

The anchor retail businesses will be Nordstrom and Macy’s. These department stores are under construction and will be completed in 2012. Currently, several of the retail and food service businesses are open including the food court in the lobby of the Key Bank tower. O.C. Tanner is also open. Many of the dining-style restaurants throughout the center will be opening soon. In addition to the businesses, Social Hall Avenue is now open to both traffic and pedestrian access.


The development project is slated to include a five-story underground parking terrace as well as mid-street parking creating approximately 5000 additional parking spaces. Commuters will be glad to know that the underground parking terrace will be open in early 2010. This will free up more parking options and ease much of the downtown congestion and further accommodate large amounts of vehicle traffic. Still, developers and city officials are hoping that the recent and upcoming upgrades that will integrate public transportation with the downtown area will compel commuters to ride Trax and take advantage of the pedestrian-friendly corridors and multi-level sidewalks that will link together all of the center’s attractions.


The City Creek development plan includes constructing approximately 700 residential units. Two of the residential buildings are Richards Court along South Temple and The Regent located on 100 south. Construction workers have capped off both buildings and are well into constructing the outer walls. There’s no specific number, but many of the condominium units have already been sold and there’s a long waiting list of people hoping to purchase the remaining units. While the entire City Creek Center is scheduled to be finished in 2012, the condominium towers are progressing and residents should be able to start moving into their high-rise living quarters as early as summer of 2010. In addition to the condominium units, there will be available rental properties above many of the retail shops.

By Salt Lake Digs Contributor, David Jensen

Photos Courtesy of Todd McKinley

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