Salt Lake’s Broadway

Most metropolitan city streets take on a different look and feel after the workday is over and Salt Lake’s Broadway (300 South) is one of those streets. With a myriad of music, art, theater, and culinary experiences, that part of downtown Salt Lake is emerging as the premier gathering place that gives people a reason to visit the area on a Friday night. Salt Lake Broadway is a new community alliance initiative that is dedicated to bolstering the world of fine arts and culture provided by Utah’s own conglomerate of talented artists and musicians.

The organizers of Salt Lake Broadway are endeavoring to contribute to the resurgence of downtown Salt Lake. Enriched by an eclectic mix of cultural experiences featuring local musicians, artists, fashion designers, and models, the shops and events along Salt Lake’s Broadway district has a little something for everyone.

Along the stretch of 300 South between 200 and 400 east there is an array of sports memorabilia, art galleries, salons, and antique stores. One such shop is Frosty Darling where the retro world of classic film and fashion meets the age of modern art. You can reminisce about the 1950s-era style and wholesome charm while acquainting yourself with contemporary fashion accessories at the same time. The Green Ant is another place where the past and future coalesce. This vintage furniture shop has items that can complement the contemporary décor of a home or office.

In addition to the shops and sidewalk cafes, Salt Lake Broadway is now adding entertainment to the mix as a means to encourage people to expand their appreciation of culture. They do this by presenting a wide range of art and music styles for everyone to enjoy while providing an avenue for local artists and entertainers to showcase their talent and material.

Twice a year there is the Salt Lake City Fashion Stroll complete with DJs, live music, and scores of local designers and fashion models. This event, which includes runway shows, brings together a full-range of fashion designs and philosophies. The SLC fashion stroll is free to the public and occurs during the spring and fall each year.

Salt Lake Broadway organizers envision 300 South becoming the hub of many great events that will expand to other parts of the downtown area. Eventually, they hope to see weekly activities such as festivals, concerts, and art shows become the norm.

The events and attractions along 300 South are punctuated by the Gallery stroll where the shops along the Broadway district corridor transform into art galleries. This event occurs from 6 to 9 PM on the third Friday of every month throughout the year—except in December when they have the holiday stroll on the first Friday. All the participating shops remain open late so people can see the different artwork on display. Although the Gallery Stroll has several locations throughout the valley, 300 South is one of the more popular sites.

“Our motive is to show the public how vibrant the visual arts community is in Salt Lake,” said Laura Durham, Gallery Stroll program director.

Salt Lake Broadway and its community partners are determined to establish 300 South as the focal point for artistic and cultural enlightenment. Their goals are to provide attractions for people of all ages, give local artists and musicians an opportunity to connect with the community, and to promote Salt Lake City as a leader in the arts and entertainment arena.

By Salt Lake Digs Contributor, David Jensen

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