Habitat for Humanity ReStore Opens in Salt Lake

Habitat for Humanity is a large non-profit organization that purchases land and constructs homes for low-income and single-parent families. Aside from a few hired staff, all of the work is completed by volunteers. They are also known for their efforts in restoring places that have been damaged by natural disasters. In fact, a group of volunteers is providing this type of service in Haiti to help the citizens recover from their devastating earthquake.

One of the ways that Habitat for Humanity obtains funding to purchase properties is from the proceeds earned from building material and home repair retail stores called ReStores. When such an outlet is designated as a ReStore, it means that all of its retail proceeds go to purchase properties and building supplies. A Habitat for Humanity ReStore opened in Salt Lake City on November 14, 2009 and is located just west of Interstate 15 at 1276 South 500 West.

Salt Lake’s Habitat for Humanity ReStore initially began with the use of a grant from Regent Blue Cross Blue Shield. All of the items for sale at a ReStore are donated by large construction firms and building material supply stores such as True Value Hardware. Since their opening, the ReStore has been able to purchase four properties. Some of the houses to be built on these properties will contain materials from many of the structures and platforms used at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake.

The primary objective of a ReStore is to allow the public to purchase the same new or slightly used building or home improvement items that are on the shelves of the major retailers, but at a lower price. This approach is environmentally conscious and conserves energy because it reduces the need to manufacture new, high cost materials.

The organization takes a “green” approach to everything they do. One ReStore outlet receives anywhere from 10 to hundreds of pallets full of building materials and home improvement items including appliances, lighting systems, and cabinetry. Some of the stuff is unusable. Rather than dumping the items at the landfills, the ReStore staff personally delivers all unusable materials to recycling centers.

ReStore outlets are well-known for enriching communities and providing houses for families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford one. The ReStore outlet frequently receives new items so there is always a large variety items for the public to select from.

 By Salt Lake Digs Contributor, David Jensen

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