Loose Boundaries in Sugar House

Sugar House, one of Salt Lake’s oldest neighborhoods, is known for its architectural and human diversity, for its college, its dollar movie theatre, and for its parks, shops, and gyms. Once the location of the state’s first prison, Sugar House has become a hot spot for Salt Lake real estate. In fact, those marketing homes and businesses near the neighborhood often take the liberty of stretching its reach a bit to include their properties.

A definition of Sugar House’s limits can be drawn from its neighborhood community council boundaries, which don’t extend past Foothill Drive to the east, 1300 South to the north, roughly 30th South to the south, and 500 East to the west. Properties outside those boundaries, yet loosely advertised as being Sugar House homes, have commonly appeared on the market. While there may be some room for flexibility in what people nowadays consider Sugar House, some of the claims are a little far-fetched. The map shown here indicates the locations of properties currently for rent and for sale, that are using the Sugar House name in their online marketing to attract tenants and buyers.

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