Dog Parks in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake County welcomes leashed dogs in all public city and county parks. If you’d like to let your dog run free in Salt Lake City, make sure it’s in a designated off-leash area. These parks and recreation area are places where your dog can safely play; just keep in mind some simple rules:

  • Dogs must be under voice command.
  • Leash dogs showing aggression.
  • Dogs must be vaccinated, licensed, and wear identification.
  • Always clean up after your dog.
  • Never leave your dog unattended and keep it within sight at all times.

Off-Leash Parks

  1. Jordan Park, 900 S 900 W
  2. Lindsey Gardens, 7th Avenue and O Street
  3. Freedom Trail, 375 N 130 E Canyon Road (Memory Grove area is NOT off-leash)
  4. Herman Franks Park, 700
  5. 1300 S E. Parley’s Historic Nature Park, 2700 E 2700 S
  6. Mill Creek Canyon, 3800 E 3900 S (ODD numbered days only)

Map courtesy Google, copyright 2009

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