Historic Smith Apartment Building Renovation

The 38-unit Smith apartment building (228 South 300 East) is currently undergoing renovation. The building, which currently serves as housing for low-income tenants, will be completely remodeled on the inside. The property, which was partially renovated 15 years ago, will now have a complete rehabilitation. Its fa├žade and outer walls will remain to preserve the building’s historical significance.

Ben Logue, managing member of Raasy Properties, LLC, is heading up the renovation project that he says fulfills the need for high quality housing for low-income individuals and families. He received funding for the project from the Utah Housing Corporation.

The UHC is a self-supported organization that raises funds to provide mortgage monies for first-time home buyers who qualify for the assistance. In addition to assisting home buyers, they also provide resources and allocate tax credits to developers who build or renovate low-income housing properties throughout Utah. The organization also provides funding assistance for other facilities such as women’s shelters.

“We serve as an interface between property developers and the IRS,” said Claudia O’Grady of the UHC. “We currently have about 20 projects of this nature across the state.”

The Smith apartment building is currently occupied which means that the tenants will need to relocate during the renovation, but they will not have to leave the property. The building can be divided into two segments during the construction so the tenants will be able to transfer to other units within the building and then reoccupy their original units after the project is complete.

Anyone interested in renting an apartment in one of the Smith buildings should contact Ben Logue at 801-484-4775.

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