Public Safety Center Means New Home for Metropolis

Metropolis Integrated Media, a full service media production company, recently began construction on a new facility at 352 South 500 East. This decision to relocate comes after Salt Lake City officials chose the block between 400 and 500 South as the location of the new Public Safety and Emergency Operations center.

While a number of businesses are being uprooted by this deal, the owner of Metropolis is making lemonade out of the situation. They’re using this as an opportunity to expand into a larger, state-of-the art audio and video production center complete with a film and TV sound stage as well as additional recording studios and post production equipment.

The building that Metropolis has occupied for the past 22 years (445 South 500 East) is around 9,400 square feet which has always been an ample size for their operation. Now that they’re moving into a 16,500 square-foot building with 18-foot ceilings, they will be able to move ahead with expansion ideas that were once just “what if’s” because of space limitations.

Metropolis executives are seeing numerous positives to the relocation. The aesthetic appeal of the new building will become an integral part of the Salt Lake City Rising effort. On the business side of things, they will enjoy a close proximity to the Trax line that will soon connect to the airport. This will provide better commuting accommodations for their clients as most of them come from out of town.

Overall this location will enable Metropolis to engage in a larger scale of commercial and film production. They are also commencing plans to launch a global, multilingual media production service that will significantly augment their service capabilities and extend their business into more international markets.

Construction on the new facility began in April and is slated to be complete by the end of December and fully operational by January 7, 2011.

 By Salt Lake Digs Contributor, David Jensen


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