Marmalade Development Delayed Again

The mostly bare land on the east and west sides of 300 W, between 500 and 600 N was purchased by HOWA Capital from the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake (RDA) back in 2006. You may remember the signs displaying “Live at Marmalade” posted along 300 W. There has been some action along the west side in recent months that has led to the near completion of three commercial buildings. All three remain vacant.

When the properties were sold, an ordinance was approved by the city council to rezone the properties from their perspective zoning designations to Residential/Mixed-Use if a development agreement could be reached between the RDA and HOWA Capitol. Well, it’s 2009, and no agreement has been signed. The city council has granted HOWA a third one-year extension (until August 2010) in order to reach a development agreement, so it looks like we won’t be seeing anything rise from the dirt along 300 W for at least another year.

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