Sugar House

Sugar House is a large neighborhood loosely defined by the boundaries of 700 E and 2100 E and 1300 S and 2700 S.   The neighborhood was originally named after an old sugar factory that was under construction at the time of development, and to this day, remains one of Salt Lake City’s most beloved areas.  People from all over the city are drawn to the unique homes, tree-lined streets, and ideal location.

The Sugar House commercial and business area is clustered with independent clothing stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and studios, offering an eclectic mix of shopping and entertainment.

Sugar House Park is one of the largest and most beautiful parks in the city, comprising a lake, jogging/biking trail, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and volleyball courts.  In the summer, families and friends gather to watch fireworks at the annual Fourth of July celebration.

Right in the heart of Sugar House is Westminster College. Westminster is the only private, comprehensive liberal arts college in Utah. This unique environment for learning draws in a diverse group of students from all around the state, country, and world. The students take pride in their local community and strive to keep Sugar House a desirable place to live.

Homes in the Sugar House area are some of the oldest in Salt Lake, and feature some of the best classic bungalows in the city.  In the mid 1990s the area experienced a revitalization and an influx of young homeowners purchased and renovated homes in the neighborhood.  Today, that trend continues, allowing Sugar House to embrace many income levels.

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