The Avenues is one of the oldest and largest neighborhoods in Salt Lake City.  Named after the grid-like streets and avenues that extend between the Capitol Hill neighborhood and the University of Utah, the Avenues represent a wide variety of home styles; all reflective of the era in which they were built.  Homes in the Lower Avenues (1st to 11th) are primarily Victorian and Craftsman, dating back to the late 1800s and early 1930s.  The homes in the Upper Avenues (11th to 18th) were built from the 1940s through the 1970s, and feature some of the best examples of mid-century modern architecture in Salt Lake.

Today, the Avenues boast an urban, artsy atmosphere that attracts a diverse population of young professionals, students, and middle-class families.  Famous real estate landmarks such as the Cathedral of the Madaleine, the Governor’s Mansion, Shriner’s Hospital, and the Salt Lake City Cemetery dot the neighborhood and locally-owned restaurants Sawadee Thai, Cucina Deli, and Wild Grape Bistro offer ethnic and American cuisine.

For over a century, the Avenues has proved to be one of the most established and desirable real estate areas in Salt Lake City.

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