Federal Heights

Federal Heights is located in the northeast corner of Salt Lake City, situated right below the Block U that is built into the hillside of the Wasatch Mountains.  Since 1907, the concrete letter has remained a symbol of the area, denoting the pride and civil identity of the University of Utah, which lies just south and east of the neighborhood.  Because of this close proximity to the university campus, Federal Heights has always appealed to University officials and faculty members as a place to call home.

Homes in the area date back to the early 1900s, when the federal government established Fort Douglas in the nearby foothills.  Officers, wanting to live close to their regimental posts, established their homesteads just north of the post.  Early developers of the area took advantage of the sloping site and constructed narrow, curved streets that deviated from the standard framework patterns of other parts of the city.  This was a first for any neighborhood in Salt Lake City.  Over the years, other architectural styles have been added to the traditional neighborhood, including a few excellent examples of mid century modern architecture.

Today, the area boasts beautiful tree lined streets, large sidewalks, and access to numerous hiking trails.  It remains deeply rooted in historic character and architectural allure, making it one of Salt Lake City’s most prestigious and affluent neighborhoods.

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